TETRA Hearing Perfection

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Typical box store electronic ear muffs are like hammers. By contrast, TETRA electronic hearing protection is a scalpel. It carves out the stuff you don’t want while meticulously amplifying what you do. These puppies will absolutely revolutionize your time in the field.

TETRA ear pro uses the same technology as modern hearing aids. Using “Specialized Target Optimization” technology, you hear twigs breaking, wings flapping, turkeys gobbling and range commands amplified and enhanced. Damaging noise is surgically excised. It’s like having superpowers. I had never seen anything like it.

I could hear the soft leaves underfoot and notice when every turtle slid off his log into the lake but as soon as I started busting caps, these magnificent rascals shut all that out.

Such stuff isn’t cheap but the return is years of pleasant conversation with your spouse and the capacity to detect sounds you wouldn’t

otherwise notice — and, you don’t have to get bitten by a radioactive spider!
MSRP: $699

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