Tetra-Gun’s Shotgun Approach To Cleaning


The Premium Universal Shotgun Rod will handle all the gauges from this Benelli Vinci 12 on down.

Available bore brushes include both bronze and nylon.

Upland and waterfowl season are by now a fond memory. That’s the bad news. But the good news is serious shotgunners will now be hitting the skeet fields and sporting clays courses if they’re serious about staying in tune for next fall. And the fact of the matter is, they’ll expend more shells in a few rounds of grinding clay into powder than most can ever hope to shoot in even a “high volume” quail, dove or pheasant outing.

Bores will still be getting streaked with lead and plastic shot cup residue. Gas systems will still be getting caked with carbon buildup. Trigger groups will still be getting gummy with petrified lube and powder flakes. And, yes, the scrubbing, spraying, and solvent-ing will continue through the off season. Think your final post-season maintenance session on your old 12-gauge was gonna hold you till the Labor Day dove opener? Wrong.

A couple of items from Tetra Gun will make things a whole lot simpler and easier. First off is their Premium Universal Shotgun Rod—a single-piece, 34-inch-long heavy-duty stainless steel item with a beefy 5/16-inch diameter. I gave up long ago on jointed rods for anything. They’re great in theory, not so much in practice because they eventually kink, bend or you lose a section. And that’s too high a price to pay for mere portability (if space is that much of a factor, you’d be better off with a bore-snake anyway). The Universal Rod is covered in black DuPont TufCoat to prevent scratching and, thanks to an extra brass adapter, it works on black powder firearms as well. Tetra-Gun also offers gauge-specific bronze or nylon brushes for it, as well as the usual array of jags and patches along with their Powder Solvent, which comes in 4-ounce bottles.

Spray and swab with this shotgun cleaning lineup: A degreaser for crud
and carbon buildup (left), a cleaner and light lube to reapply and protect
(middle), and a solvent for the fouled bore (right).

Because there’s “more than the bore” (particularly with an auto) to clean, Tetra-Gun has an excellent array of aerosol sprays. Chief among them, in my opinion, is their Action Blaster Degreaser. It will flush years of crud buildup away and actually smells OK (it’s pine scented), but I still wouldn’t advise using it—or any other cleaning solvent, spray or goo—in your living quarters if you’re married and intend to stay that way. Just remember to re-lube after using, but don’t overdo it (which may gotten things gummy in the first place).

A good choice for the re-lube would be Tetra’s Gun Spray Cleaner and Light Lubricant. They do, of course, have 1-ounce tubes of Tetra Gun Grease more appropriate for cold and/or wet weather waterfowl hunts, but for off-season (spring and summer) maintenance when the toughest environment you’ve got to deal with is the local rod-and-gun club, the lighter spray should be just fine.

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