Tac Shield Gun Belt


It’s always a pain to divest yourself of holsters, mag pouch and the other goodies after a day at the range or in training but I’ve discovered a better way to sling your gear — the Tac Shield Gun Belt, specifically their 1.5″-wide model.

Built from double-wall 7,000-lb. Mil-Spec webbing with plastic stiffeners, it sports a stout COBRA buckle that is secure as a mother’s love but unlocks faster than my liquor cabinet on Friday afternoon. The belt is small enough to fit through regular trouser belt loops if so inclined but where it shines is as an external belt for holding gun and magazines during training. Then, whenever you take a break or have finished for the day, you don’t face wrestling a heavy, sweat-soaked and uncooperative rig back off your belt and out of your pants before returning to the classroom, bathroom or traveling.

MSRP: $72

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