Swagger SEA12 Bipod


Bipods are like computers: They’re fantastic, until they ain’t! Anyone who has used a rifle-mounted bipod knows the aggravation of needing a little more up-and-down or traverse when tracking targets, especially moving targets or working extreme angles. No matter how advanced or expensive the bipod, you end up fighting it — which is why many shooters simply say “To Hell with it!” and go back to sandbags and other rests.
There are swiveling bipods but I’ve found they’re either too loose to offer steady support or, if adjustable, there is a one-half-molecule difference between too loose, just right and too tight.

The folks at Swagger might have finally solved the problem with their SEA12 bipod. It’s build like a tank, has a solid hex-wrench pic rail mount and the legs adjust from 9″ to 12″. The ingenious part is a rubber-encased spring in the upper leg that flexes just enough to give you easy gun adjustment but is still solid enough for precision shots.

Without getting the protractor out, I’d guestimate it’s a simple matter to twist the gun perhaps 30 degrees side-to-side and approximately 15 to 20 degrees of elevation. It also feels good to “load” the bipod with a shoulder push for a bit more solid rest. I even like the leg pivots don’t have geared teeth, which — trust me on this one — are capable of carving your finger to the bone if not careful.

In the end, the SEA12 is the new bipod on my personal 6.5 Creedmoor bolt gun. Unfortunately, I now have one less excuse for poor shooting!
MSRP: $199.99


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