Streamlight Wedge flashlight


This light was initially reviewed based on the glowing recommendations of others whom I trust. Since it was made by Streamlight, I already knew it was good quality but I wasn’t sure if I’d like the largish size and semi-unusual shape for an Everyday Carry (EDC) light. Boy, was I wrong.

First is the “carry” part of EDC. After eight months of daily use, I find I almost feel naked if I don’t have a clip knife riding in one pocket and the Wedge clipped in the other. It’s now almost instinctive to grab the light and flick the rotary switch with my thumb anytime there is the slightest need for a light. Of course, I’m always using the hyper-drive “THRO” setting that explodes with 1,000 lumens of light and is amazing for a light this size.

So far, the case shows little signs of wear, the electronics operate perfectly, the pocket clip is wholly unbent and sitting here, I can only think of one little problem with the light — I’m not sure where mine is located at this exact moment. Temporary misplacement aside, I’m madly in love with my Wedge.

MSRP: $149.95

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