Streamlight Siege


Survival gear is supposed to be manly. It should project a sort of quiet gravitas and sit in a box labeled, “Break glass in case of war.” Appropriate descriptors for such equipment might be robust, sinewy, chiseled, or muscular. Why then are we reviewing the Streamlight Siege X USB lantern, a personal lighting solution so undeniably adorable? Because the Siege, while indeed cute, is actually all the other stuff as well.

The Siege X USB rechargeable mini outdoor lantern is a 2-in-1 lantern/flashlight combo packed to the gunwales with features. The lantern puts out 325 lumens while the flashlight burns at 300. An included USB-rechargeable battery or pair of CR123A cells power the device. At 4.5″ long the Siege X is about the size of one of those little tomato paste cans and weighs just 7.2 oz.

There are scads of operating modes, including a choice of white or red lantern light to preserve your night vision. The Siege X is compact, robust and brilliantly executed. It’s my new favorite camp light. Price is $46 on

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