Streamlight Protac 90

Right-angled, hands-free illumination!

The Streamlight Protac 90 is the everyday carry illumination solution offering true hands-free operation.

I’m pretty old and back when I wore the uniform, we were issued those clunky green D-cell angle-head Army flashlights. They were as big as a paper towel tube and weighed as much as a hand grenade. They also didn’t put out a whole lot of light. The angle-head design, however, had much to commend it. Now, fast-forward a few decades and Streamlight has done it so much better.

Multi-Battery, Multi-Mode

The Protac 90 is not much larger than your thumb, yet it produces 300 lumens of brilliant white light. Its “multi-fuel” design will run off either one AA alkaline battery or a single CR123A lithium cell. Both are included. The Protac 90 weighs less than 3 oz. and is waterproof.

There is a rubber pushbutton tail switch and the light offers three different programmable operating modes. Run time ranges from about 2 hours on maximum output to 15 hours on low. The light can be programmed to produce a disorienting strobe effect as well.

A Brighter Idea

The Protac 90 comes with a handy pocket clip as well as a nylon belt holster. The chassis is rugged, machined aluminum, and the unit comes with a limited lifetime warranty. What really sets this light apart, however, is its basic geometry.

Unlike conventional in-line designs, the Protac 90 can be hung on your shirt pocket or belt and direct its beam out ahead of you for hands-free operation. It offers everything a lesser light might with no significant downsides. It’s also small enough to ride around in your pocket with your car keys and sufficiently rugged to thrive there. Compact, powerful, lightweight and brilliantly contrived, the Protac 90 means you never have to be in the dark when it comes to illumination.

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