Streamlight Polytac HP


Today we’re blessed with a multitude of LED flashlights for every need which is why I was underwhelmed when the Streamlight Polytac HP flashlight was first handed to me. It’s a well-designed, rugged and attractively priced two-cell CR123 LED flashlight — so what? It’s not the most powerful light in its class so I struggled to understand exactly how this light was different than many others.

Then, I switched it on and quickly realized: This is a great “truck light!”

With 600 lumens, the beam isn’t super-bright but what it lacks in overall power, it makes up with range. Using a larger and more elongated reflector than similar-sized lights, it throws a concentrated beam up to 300 yards. If you’re looking for a small handheld light capable of checking utility lines, searching for lost people and cattle or sweeping a dark alley, the Polytac HP rises above the rest.

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