Streamlight Pocket
Mate USB


One of my preparedness pet peeves is folks who don’t carry a flashlight all the time. Despite all my other flaws, I always do, usually a Streamlight Microlight. Now, I’ve found the proverbial “Two is one, one is none”-backup for my primary light: the Pocket Mate USB.
A tiny bit bigger than the “coin” flashlights I used to keep on my keychain — where they constantly broke — this thing is built like a tank and at 325 lumens, brighter than many pocket flashlights of 10 years ago. With a run time of 30 minutes, USB rechargeable battery and integral cap clip, this easy-to-carry light is convenient for everyday use and just the thing to keep you out of a real jam whenever the lights go out.

MSRP: Under $20

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