Streamlight Bandit Pro


I live in the country and it gets dark as all get-out here. When I moved here 13 years ago, I thought “night” was like it was in suburban America. We forget there’s street lights, porch lights, car headlights, business fronts and gas stations all over the place. It never really gets dark. Take all that away and presto — it’s pitch black out. I soon found myself with flashlights on every countertop, on the tractor, truck, garage, shop, pole barn — everywhere. In spite of all this, my two single most-used lights are a small Streamlight Microstream and their new Bandit Pro headlamp.

The USB rechargeable Bandit Pro blasts 180 lumens for 4.5 hours or 21 hours on low. I like mine on the included hat clip as it’s much brighter than the normal $5 junk ones you see around. It also comes with a head band. For less than $30, it’s bulletproof and my original Bandit is still going strong after six years so that bodes well!

MSRP: Less than $30

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