Spyderco Swayback

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The Spyderco Swayback is an ultra-modern take on a traditional pocketknife
design and layout known for its hard-working attitude in tough conditions.

The Swayback is a traditional pocketknife pattern that stumps some when they first behold it. It looks like a Trapper pattern with the blade on the backside as opposed to the front, but this enigmatic layout has actually been around for many years — the Camillus U.S. Navy Rope knife saw extensive use in WWII and a more bag-handled version is seen on many pruning knives today. In essence, it’s a working knife. The Spyderco Swayback, designed by custom knifemaker Marcin Slyz, has brought the pattern into the modern space-age with a high level of perfection.

For starters, this Spydie Swayback eschews the typical slip joint format for a sturdy 4.50″ Titanium frame-lock (or integral lock) design often found on the best of customs. At 8.04″ overall, the Swayback is a large folder for tackling much heavier chores than your typical pocketknife. It’s 3.53″ CTS XHP stainless steel Wharncliffe blade — a workhorse design — only adds to its ability to roughhouse to your heart’s content. A stainless-steel tip-up pocket clip, with ambidextrous mounting front or back, makes for ready-to-grab carry.


The Swayback sports a sturdy frame-lock design like those found on many
custom folders today. The tip-up pocket clip is reversible.

Why You’ll Like It

The Swayback’s blade is hollow ground, adding even more slice-ability to Spyderco’s legendary out-of-the-box sharpness. This knife will cut like a barrel racer. The Swayback handle tucks comfortably into the diagonal “life line” of the palm making it ideal for extensive use — the very reason this design finds itself used on rope and pruning knives. The frame slabs are crowned for added comfort. Then there’s the uniqueness factor — you won’t fall into the standard EDC groove around the range with the Spyderco Swayback. At $390 MSRP the Swayback finds itself in the higher end of factory EDCs, but Spyderco has years of experience successfully selling premium fare in this range. Sheer quality sells and Spyderco’s loyal following eats up knives like this.


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