Sneaky Pete Holsters


If you love the concept of being a little crafty and hiding things in plain sight, you’re going to love the Sneaky Pete Holster.

The Sneaky Pete looks like a very large cellphone or calculator (remember those?) case but is designed to carry a small pistol right in the open on your beltline. My test case is a well-made black leather design fitting my AMT Backup .380 like a glove, holding it secure and unseen even though the entire world can see the oddish rectangle pouch on my strong-side waist.

Sneaky Pete makes holsters to fit a variety of small guns and they use a variety of materials and outside markings, such as “Power Pack,” “Outdoor Gear,” a medical symbol and, my favorite, a case marked with a cross. I suppose onlookers might think you’re carrying a small quick-draw Bible in case of an emergency baptism. Regardless, everybody will see the holster but thanks to the quality construction, strong magnet closure and benign looks, they’ll never realize you’re packing heat right under everyone’s nose.
MSRP: Starting around $65

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