Silver Stag Random Point

Crème de la Cut!

Steeped in cutlery history, the Silver Stag Random Point combines a
Damascus steel blade with an antler handle guaranteed to warm the cockles.

Many who appreciate finery in a knife will tell you nothing stirs the soul like the old world blend of Stag and Damascus. No matter if you have a deep visual appreciation of the past and want to own one, or use it, or reenact with it — there’s something inherently magical about this pairing. Silver Stag Knives specializes in, as their name implies, knives with antler handles in all shapes, sizes, and purposes — and some of these are available with Damascus blades like the Random Point model featured here.

The Random Point is named for its Damascus pattern — which is random — and the deer or elk point gracing the handle. The overall length is approximately 7.0″ give or take a little depending on the tine. The 3.25″ blade is a straight back design with a hollow-ground belly, a nice size for light skinning and caping. Silver Stag’s Damascus is made from blending two tool steels, 1095 and 15N20 high carbon tool steel, into attractive patterns like the one you see here. A good old-fashioned brass guard (just like the one on Grandpa’s classic hunting knife) offers nice finger protection and for the icing on the cake, Silver Stag provides a handmade, leather belt sheath replete with skived leather lacing.

The Random Point’s 3.25" Damascus blade is a melding of 1095
and 15N20 high carbon tool steels. The brass guard is a traditional nod to boot.

Why You’ll Like It

If you hunt with historic firearms or are a reenactor, the Random Point is the knife for you. If you desire a larger hunting knife Silver Stag can fix you up there, too. If you don’t require Damascus steel the company’s primary steel is D2 semi-stainless, a reliable time-proven performer that finds its way even on modern tactical knives today. It’s rare to find a company specializing in such cool, classic cutlery and Silver Stag does it with a passel of spades. Suggested retail for the Silver Stag Random Point is an affordable $149.

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