SIG’s C02 1911

A Backyard BB Classic

Both the BBs and CO2 cartridge ride in the magazine. A single cartridge is
good for three 17-round magazines.

I live in rural Mississippi and can shoot off my back porch whenever I want (something for which I’m thankful daily). However, if you reside in a city or someplace where “Shall Not Be Infringed” seems oddly ambiguous to your local leadership, then it can be tough to get proper trigger time.

Both the BBs and CO2 cartridge ride in the magazine. A single cartridge is good for three 17-round magazines.

The .45 ACP gun is on the right. Aside from the obligatory safety stuff written on the CO2 version,
the two are essentially identical on the outside.

Sweet And Discreet

The SIG SAUER 1911 We the People C02 BB pistol is not a toy. The slide and frame are stainless steel and the gun weighs almost same as a .45 ACP 1911. It strips down like the real thing, and all the switches and controls are perfectly replicated. The gun carries 17 “rounds” in its magazine and is powered by standard 12-gram CO2 cartridges. The slide is a bit easier to rack, but the two guns are essentially indistinguishable in dim light.

The trigger pull is a splendid crisp 4-lb. single action, while the overall weight is an impressive 2.2 lbs., as opposed to 2.6 for the real thing. The slide cycles realistically with each shot, and the manual of arms is identical to the parent firearm. The sights are no-snag and fixed, and the gun shoots at around 340 fps as fast as you can pull the trigger. The CO2 cartridge rides within the skeletonized magazine along with the BBs.

The SIG We the People CO2 BB gun allows for training in places that would never tolerate a live firearm.

It Shoots, It Scores!

The 1911 We the People CO2 BB gun is a perfect mechanical match for its meaner, deadlier sibling. This means the slide locks to the rear on the last shot fired, the magazine drops freely when you stroke the button, the bilateral thumb safety works as advertised, and the trigger is all but identical to the live handgun. Recoil is obviously much milder, but, unlike a real 1911, this thing won’t blow the back out of your wooden garden fence and ventilate the neighbor’s cat. It also doesn’t make nearly as much noise. I get three full 17-round magazines out of a CO2 cartridge.

BBs can bounce eratically, so eye protection is a must. I shot a tree trunk with mine that popped the BB back into my chest with some vigor. Some old pillows or a little foam rubber would make a proper backstop. So long as your circumstances and legalities allow, try the 1911 We the People CO2 BB gun. It’s a decent training tool that will run safely and well in your backyard. All that and the gun has an MSRP of only $120.

For me it was love at first squeeze.

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