Screws ’n Screwdrivers

Wheeler and Pachmayr have you covered

We all know how buggering up a screw head on a prize gun detracts from its value and appeal. The key to turning screws without marring their appearance starts with having the perfect screwdriver tip for a particular screw.

But just the right size isn’t enough. You actually need a high-quality, hollow ground, flat-tip screwdriver blade like gunsmiths use. Standard screwdrivers start tapering immediately from the blade tip while a hollow ground blade retains the same thickness — or even less — for a small distance before it starts to taper.

Wheeler Screwdriver set

Wheeler Engineering Deluxe Gunsmith Screwdriver Set.

Wheeler Deluxe Kit

Wheeler Engineering has created a fantastic screwdriver set designed for all your DIY gun projects at an affordable price. This deluxe set has just about every bit you’ll need for any gun and includes specialty tools to help with disassembly. The hollow ground flat bits are specifically designed to match the thin slots in gun screws. My set gets called upon a lot more often than I expected it to when I bought it.

The kit comes in an easy-to-store plastic box with two screwdriver handles and slots for each of the bits. In addition to any flat bit size imaginable, the kit includes popular sizes of Allen bits, Phillips bits, Torx bits, 3-punch sizes and specialty bits for Weaver/Ruger scope ring clamps, Redfield and Leupold windage screws, Mauser stock cross bolt bit, Millett rear sight adjustment bit, 1911 grip screw bushing driver, Ruger/Colt single action base-pin latch nut bit, an M1/M14/M1A rear sight bit and several more specialty bits. It’s available for around $65.

Pachmayr Screw set

Pachmayr Master Gunsmith 277-piece Screw Set.,/em>

Pachmayr Master Kit

Sometimes you inherit a gun with screwed up — or missing — screws. Enter the Pachmayr Master Gunsmith screw kit. This kit contains 12 each of 23 different screws including Fillister head, Oval head and Plug Screws in several different lengths and threads. All are commonly used for firearms and scopes.

Screws are stored in a 24-compartment plastic case. I have found this kit useful when I dropped a screw into one of those never-to-be-seen-again corners of my shop or when I’ve encountered a rusted or damaged screw on one of my guns. I’ve even helped some of my buddies replace damaged screws on a Browning A5, an S&W Model 10 or other heirloom firearm. The kit’s available for around $40.

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