Rubber Dummies

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I love an idea that turns into a successful family business! As a lifetime shooter, Mike Lessnick wanted a realistic 3D target that could be shot thousands of times and still be good-to-go. After some hard thinking, he came up with Rubber Dummie targets. Made of recycled rubber, each target can be shot even at toe-to-toe distances with anything from a 0.50 down to a 0.17, yet it takes the licking and keeps ticking. Cleverly made “Kill Shot” bags can be mounted to show a “red mist” when hit right. The “blood” is non-toxic, safe for the environment and non-staining.

You can put a T-shirt on it for realism and even “knife fight” with it if that’s your thing. The starter kit includes a dummie, metal stand, Kill Shot bag and common white primer paint to recoat your dummie as needed. This really ramps up the training/fun factor when shooting!

MSRP: $299

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