Ritchie Leather Co. GXD, “Gaylord Cross Draw”

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Based on the famous Chic Gaylord “Comet” holster, the Ritchie brothers have modified their version with input from our own Tiger McKee. This is a cross-draw holster riding higher and tighter than the original. Our test rig is made to fit up to a 3″ S&W J-Frame and is absolutely perfect for anyone spending time chair-bound (including disabled shooters), driving or anytime a cross-draw carry makes sense.

To draw, you grab the grip and pivot the grip downward. The inner portion of the holster actually holding the gun rotates downward. The movement breaks open the snaps holding the gun, allowing a fluid, clear draw toward the front. It’s a natural movement and allows a draw from a cross-draw holster to be done amazingly easily from sitting or standing. It’s also done without any undue contortion.

Introductory price: $150


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