For my first .243 load, I’m using Lapua 90-gr. OTM Scenario bullets and Vihtavuori VN540 powder. The reloading data from the Vihtavuori 2020 Reloading Guide recommends a starting load of 34.9 grains and a maximum of 39.2. It just so happens the 34.9 grains corresponds with the 28.3 cc dipper in my Lee Precision 15 dipper powder measure kit. It always makes loading a powder charge easier. So it turns out the only die I’m using from my die set is the bullet seating die. With a little adjustment, I have the bullets seating so the overall length of the cartridge is the 2.638" specified in the reloading chart. I measure this with a digital caliper. Running each of the cartridges through the Factory Crimp Die takes just a few minutes.