Real Avid Speed Clean System


Not much room to improve the good old traditional patch and cleaning jag system, right? That’s what I thought until a package from Real Avid arrived recently.

Their new Bore-Max Speed Clean system is a forward leap in the technology of gun cleaning. Using a matched set of precision jags, specially-sized patches and their high-quality cleaning rods, the new Real Avid system allow much better clearing of rifle and pistol barrels.

The nickel-plated Speed Brushes are claimed to clean 2x more crud with each pass and I will say they exit the bore really filthy, even in a gun you thought was fairly clean. The high-quality brushes are phosphor-bronze but plated to ensure copper solvents don’t eat them alive. Next, you use the tight-fitting jag and Speed Patches, which are claimed to have 4x more bore contact. I’m not sure of a field-expedient method to scientifically assess “total crud removal” but these things do clean like crazy!

MSRP: $13.99

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