Real Avid Smart Drive
90 tool kit

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I recently received a set of Real Avid gun tool products and greeted it with a figurative yawn. Shortly thereafter my lack of enthusiasm became embarrassing when I learned handling the Smart Drive 90 set is comparable to driving a new Bentley Mulsanne after putzing around town for years in a broken-down Ford Fungus (partial-credit on the simile to Will Dabbs, MD).

In fact, I’d be hard-pressed to use enough hyperbole when discussing the Smart Drive 90 tool kit. After owning similar competitive tool chests, the quality difference was clear and striking. Even the plastic case is idiot-proof — the cases are intentionally over-built so whenever a naturally clumsy person such as myself drops it on the floor, it doesn’t shatter!

Take it from a real avid shade-tree gun plumber — do yourself a favor and invest in the Smart Drive 90 tool set (along with their punch sets). I’ll wager you’ll likewise agree your old tools belong in the recycle bin beside the Fungus!

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