Real Avid Master
Sight Pusher


You’re probably like me — I’ve put off buying a dedicated sight pusher but after marring yet another pistol with poorly wielded drift punch, I finally ordered one. I had looked at several on the market and while they might work, all of them seem more like prototypes than a finally finished product.

Things changed when a heavy package arrived at my door. I had ordered the Real Avid sight pusher to test, but the box I received couldn’t possibly have contained the device — unless they had included a firebrick in the box. Turns out they hadn’t.

What I found was the most robust, heavy duty sight tool I’ve ever seen. It’s got all the usual features of such tools but the quality of craftsmanship and finish is literally levels above anything else. It’s not cheap, but it’s certainly a beast and so far hasn’t worked up a sweat on any rear sight I’ve tried. In fact, I think I could probably snap off the rear sight from a rusty Civil War Dahlgren cannon if necessary.
MSRP: $149.99

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