Real Avid Bore-Max
Cleaning Rod


I’ve got plenty of cleaning rods, ranging from cheap aluminum (not too bad, actually) to mil-surplus steel (definitely not!) models which are fantastic for ruining a bore if you’re not careful, plus they can be used in a pinch to skewer an enemy sentry!

However, cleaning rods all have the same profile: They either have no handle or one resembling a screwdriver. This isn’t the most ergonomic set-up when you have to put a little muscle behind a patch or coax a recalcitrant brush back out of your barrel.

Real Avid, known for innovative tools, has solved the problem by developing their Bore-Max line — cleaning rods with a vertical “gun handle.” The grip is easy on the hands and will certainly impart all the force you want on the carbon-fiber rod. It also turns easily in the bore thanks to an ultra-guide bearing in the handle and even comes with a nifty hanging bracket.
MSRP: $39.95


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