Real Avid AR15 Armorer’s Master Grade Tool Set:

Everything the Home ‘Smith Needs

Gun owners like to tinker, and for many, that interest builds until the time comes when they simply have to start putting together their own rifles.

When I was a kid, the fellow living across the alley built his own rifles, which I discovered one afternoon while cutting through a space next to his garage. There he was, in the window, working on a rifle barrel. He waved me in and over the next few weeks in the evenings I watched that guy finish the barrel and action, then turn his attention to the beautiful walnut stock.

He had all the tools, and obviously the skills, to put together a handsome .257 Roberts on a Mauser action.

That was then, and this is now. In my youth, the customized bolt-action rifle was what we all dreamed about. Nowadays, the modern sporting rifle—a semi-auto chambered for different calibers that put the MSR into the big game category—is what many people want to build, for any number of reasons.

It may take a different appearance, but the intent is the same. The accomplishment of building one’s own rifle, one that shoots true and functions without fail.

But unlike my neighbor of decades ago, today’s MSR gun crank requires different tools and along comes Real Avid with just that: the AR15 Armorer’s Master Grade Tool Set. I took a look at this thing and it’s loaded. The hard-plastic storage case holds tools securely, so everything is right there.

The set includes:

An Easy-Grip Handguard tool allows easy removal of handguards. It fits into the mag well to provide additional leverage.

The torque wrench has easy-to-read settings that allow the user to know how much torque is applied to each component.

The AR-15 Master Bench Block allows the user to tap 13 different pins from five different components. The block is clearly marked with pin punch sizes that show which component goes where.

An Armorer’s Master Wrench with replacement hammer heads has an ergonomic handle that allows plenty of torque for removing barrels or castle nuts with no damage to the rifle. The hammer is in the same tool.

A Lug-Lok upper vise block allows the user to safely secure the upper receiver while it’s being worked on. Made with aircraft-grade aluminum, the block is designed to slide through the upper receiver and into the star chamber of the barrel.

The Smart Fit AR15 lower vise block adjusts to fit “every AR-15 magazine well out there.” One can work on the lower receiver thanks to a solid base.

An AR15 Pin Punch set includes every pin punch the home gunsmith needs to build his/her own AR-15. The set includes both a staking punch and specialized punches.

A Bore Illuminator/Safety flag is easy to spot as the only green component in the kit and does well to shine light in the bore.

The AR15 Pivot Lock holds the gun open allowing access to the chamber and barrel for cleaning, and an AR15 Pivot Pin tool makes installation of the pivot pin much easier. Simply align the guide, insert the spring and detent pin, slide the pivot pin into place and you’re finished with that chore.

Accu-Grip picks have different tips for cleaning residue and crud out of hard-to-reach spots.

The stainless steel front sight adjuster tool is a compact little number that can adjust 4-pin (A2) or 5-pin (A1) front sights. It has a black oxide coating and knurled surface points for improved hold.

And you get all of this for the MSRP of $249.99.

Headquartered in Plymouth, MN, contact Real Avid at (800) 286-0567, or check them out online at