A Better Mousetrap

Darrell Holland, an Oregon long-range buff who also runs an excellent shooting school, markets his own ART (Advanced Reticle Technology) reticle. It has mil-dots and tics marking minutes of angle. Darrell says most other rangefinding reticles “are of limited utility past 500 yards.” In a 3-12x50 Schmidt & Bender scope, I’ve found ART values spot-on at very long distances.

Holland recently fielded another rangefinding reticle — “Fit-To-Hit.” Using it, like running through gears on a motorcycle, is easier to do than to explain. The standard reticle on Holland’s new Game-Getter 2.5-15x50 scope is a modified plex with windage ticks inside the horizontal bars. The vertical wire has a ladder of 15 “Hit” lines below center. Above center is a ladder of three rangefinder lines (24, 18 and 15) then above those are four “Fit” lines.