Radetec Mag Counter Keeps Track Of Shots Fired



When you need to know the number of rounds you’ve fired out of a sidearm — whether you are competing for a prize or trying to stay alive — it helps considerably to be able to tell at a glance what that number is. Sometimes guesswork simply doesn’t cut it. I know from experience, having once finished a match with one round left in my pistol. That was an eye opener.

Radetec has the solution to this dilemma. This outfit specializes in the research and development of new technological products, focusing on their application to firearms “in order to enhance safety.”

The Radetec Inertial Shooting Counter (RISC) is just such a product, designed for use on GLOCK Gen 3, 4 and 5 models. This user-friendly unit mounts on the rear of the pistol to count the number of shots fired (count up) or number of rounds remaining (count down), depending on the mode it is set.

The RISC is compatible with a lot of GLOCK pistols. It’s ambidextrous, ergonomic and easily installed. It operates electronically and displays the number of rounds on a small, easy to read, rectangular LCD screen.


Radetec Glock

Just to show handgunners who own different pistol models aren’t being forgotten, Radetec also produces the LED Advisor. This unit is available not only for GLOCK 17 Gen 4 pistols, but also for the Beretta M92FS, the Smith & Wesson M&P and the Government Model 1911.

The LED Advisor mounts on the rear of the grip on the GLOCK pistol, while it mounts as a right side grip panel on the others. It signals with a green light when there are four or more rounds remaining in the magazine, and with a red light when there are three or less rounds left in the GLOCK model.

The Beretta 92FS version is available in either a single color or tricolor setup. The single color version doesn’t light up when there are four or more rounds remaining, but it blinks red when there are three rounds left. When the pistol runs empty, the light becomes continuous red. On the tricolor version, there’s no light when there are four or more rounds remaining, a continuous blue light when there are three shots left, continuous green with two rounds left and continuous red with one round remaining. When you run dry, it blinks red.

Radetec AR

The same setup is available for the Model 1911 platform, with the same light sequences in the one-color version and tricolor version, and for the S&W M&P pistol. Installation takes less than a minute on these pistols.

Key to the operation in any of these pistols is the use of a special magnetic follower in their respective magazines.

The grips are made from Polyamide and rubber, so they will stack up to whatever conditions you experience.

Last, but hardly least, there is a digital counter model unit for the Model 1911, Beretta 92FS and the AR15. This unit also operates with a special magnetic follower installed in the magazine of each respective firearm.

For more info: Radetec
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