Pyser Optics’ Quick Zero Collimator Designed To Put AR Rifles On Target Fast



There are a few good ways to zero a rifle, and some frustrating ones. Pyser Optics has come up with a device … call it a tool … that may shade them all.

The Quick Zero (a Small Arms Collimator [SAC]) enables a shooter with a new rifle to either zero the gun, or check zero on one you’ve had for a while. They say it can be done in less than 60 seconds, which comes in rather handy if your rifle has been banged around or dropped. And it gets the job done without electronics.

This is more than just bore sighting.

Weighing a sturdy 3.3 lbs. (1.5 kg), the Quick Zero unit features a main body of cast aluminum. While there is no power source required, it comes with an LED light allowing it to be used at night.


The Quick Zero also does the job with no live firing. You can actually do this in the backyard, basement, garage or workshop. According to U.K.-based Pyser Optics, the Quick Zero is capable of assuring accuracy to within 0.25mm (which translates to 25mm at 100 yards). Once on the range, the shooter can fine-tune optical or metallic sights and night vision scopes or lasers. It’s good enough to satisfy the needs of several NATO armed forces including the United Kingdom.

To do the job, unload the firearm and check clear to make sure it’s not loaded! Pull the magazine and insert the Quick Zero’s pin into the muzzle and line it up with the sight by adjusting the elevation and windage to line up with the center of the collimator grid. This establishes the “common zero position” (CZP) and the individual shooter can then establish his/her personal zero position (PZP).

Confirmation comes at the range, and it’s going to be darn close if not spot-on in terms of minute-of-angle (MOA).


There are no batteries that run dead, no moving parts, no adjustments or maintenance is required, and the Quick Zero will fit into just about anything including a backpack or knapsack, a cargo pocket on a vest or some other easy-to-reach spot.

According to Pyser, there are more than 80 model variants ranging in caliber from 4.6mm to 40mm.

Probably the best thing about using the Quick Zero is it saves ammunition. Get everything lined up and you should be shooting X-rings within a couple of rounds.

There are other tools designed to accomplish this, but Pyser says their offering gets closer to precise MOA.

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