PrOlix Lubricant


Okay, so it’s another miracle cleaner-lube-protectant. I get bottles of this stuff crossing my desk all the time. The upside is all of them work to a decent degree. The downside, at least for a writer, is differentiating between the various products.
You won’t have this problem with PrOlix Lubricant. The second you spray it, the unique aroma immediately lets you know there is something different at work. There is certainly a bit of citrus somewhere in the bouquet, mixed with a not-unpleasant solvent smell.

Okay, it has a nice-ish smell — but does it work?

So far in my testing, it’s been gangbusters. I keep a spray bottle in my armory and it works to clean powder residue and carbon like nobody’s business, while also lubricating the various mechanical gizzards of my shootin’ irons. In three months of testing, so far there is no gummy buildup and things look great. Heck, it’s even biodegradable!

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