Pro-Tech Malibu Blue

A slick and efficient Clean Machine
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Pure as the driven snow, Pro-Tech Knives’ Malibu Blue is the perfect
blend of clean design and unadulterated mechanical efficiency.

When states across the country relaxed automatic-knife laws a few years back manufacturers jumped on the bandwagon, but such knives were old hat to Pro-Tech Knives. Owner Dave Wattenberg and company had been offering autos for over 20 years. So what does he do to broaden his customer base? Offer manual openers, of course! The latest is the Malibu Blue, an elegant flipper opening tactical with lines as clean as the ocean surf.

The 7.50″ overall Malibu Blue keeps things sanitary and efficient by dumping the ubiquitous thumb stud on the blade and replacing it with a lightning-fast flipper opener. Once the blade is ready to slip back into its frame, a simple button release unlocks its charms. The Malibu Blue’s 3.25″ Reverse Tanto blade, neat and stylish in its own right, uses upscale CPM 20CV stainless steel to take care of business with hygienic efficiency.

The folder’s vibrant 4.5″ blue anodized handle touts just the right amount of curves to fit the hand like a glove with no overkill. For transport there’s a tip-up pocket clip for easy carry.


Everything you need to open the Malibu Blue blade in the blink of an eye and send it back to its frame is all right here.

Why You’ll Like It

There will always be a need for black tactical knives by serious users who prefer stealth in their knife, but if you like a little glam without being gaudy, the Pro-Tech Malibu Blue is your knife. Wattenberg knows slick actions and the speed of the Malibu Blue’s flipper rivals those of his spring-fed variety. Last but not least, everything about this knife is infused with quality, from its premium steel and simplified mechanics to the overall design that smacks of uncluttered effectiveness.

MSRP: $270

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