Pro-Tech Godson 700

A modernized version of an Italian classic
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The Pro-Tech Godson 700 automatic is a thoroughly modernized
version of the classic Italian stiletto of the 1950s.

Restrictions on carrying automatic folding knives have been rolled back in states all over the U.S. in recent years with the exception of New York, which has the most Draconian knife laws of any state. Even California allows autos as long as the blade length is 2″ or less. As a consequence of these relaxed laws, many manufacturers have jumped into the fray — but a handful of companies have been manufacturing them for decades and selling them where legal. One such manufacturer is Pro-Tech Knives, founded by Dave Wattenberg over 20 years ago. Needless to say, Dave and company are enjoying the current revival.

One of Pro-Tech’s top sellers is the Godson 700 model. This knife is a smaller version of the company’s equally popular Godfather, sporting a design harkening back to the classic Italian stiletto design often associated with the “switchblades” of the 1950s. Wattenberg took the basic design and brought it up to modern standards — smoothing out the handle, adding a simplified opening/closing mechanism, and using more contemporary materials. The Godson 700 is 7.56″ overall (open) and sports a 3.15″ 154CM stainless steel blade with a boot grind on the back edge. The blade is activated by a sweet recessed button on the front bolster. The sturdy handle is made of gray anodized 6061-T6 aluminum topped with black G10 scales while on the backside you’ll find a 2.4″ pocket clip for easy, accessible carry.


This recessed button on the top bolster serves as the blade
release and provides a natural resting spot for the thumb.

Why You’ll Like It

The Godson 700 is 4.25″ closed and checks in at a very manageable 3.2 oz., making for an easy carry with a whole lot of punch. Double-ground dagger blades are primarily used for self-defense, but you’ll find the Godson 700 can tackle many daily chores such as opening packages and prepping lunch. This is a rock-solid knife — it locks up strong and the button opener releases the blade in the blink of an eye, slicker than greased owl pellets. The Godson 700 has undeniable good looks and its base price of $260 won’t break the bank. If you desire a more upscale version of the basic knife, Pro-Tech can accommodate you with a more exotic blade, handle options or even engraving. Check your local and state laws before purchasing any automatic knife as they can, and often do, vary from one jurisdiction to the next then give the Godson 700 a good hard look!