Pro-Shot Pistol Cleaning Rod


Jeff’s 30+-year-old Pro-Shot rod (the dirty one) still serves well, and the new one improves on it
only by being a little shorter and handier even on guns with long barrels. Pro-Shot now makes
easy-to-see splatter targets, too.

The Pro-Shot Pistol rod I’ve been using since the mid 1990s wasn’t worn out or even needed maintenance (it was in fact made by the owner of Pro-Shot John Damarin himself back when the company started), but I often like a spare in my range kit, and the one I had been using proved too short for the longer barreled pistols I’ve been playing with. The new rod has an 8-inch rod, and comes with brass tips for the 9mm/.38, .40/10mm, .45 and a slot-type for fill-in-the-blank. A really nice touch is the caliber is stamped on the base so you know what caliber jag it is. Thank you Pro Shot!

The jags are turned to the diameter of the rod and fit smoothly. The spear points are nice when you don’t want to touch solvents. A brass muzzle protector helps keep the steel rod centered in the barrel away from the rifling at the all-important exit point of the handgun’s muzzle. I ordered a .44 Jag for the M1879 Reichsrevolver. Pro-Shot jags are available in 20 calibers from .17 to .50. Pro-Shot offers patches, and I’ve used their 100-percent cotton flannel cleaning patches just as long as I’ve used the jags and rods. The jags are turned to give a good patch-to-bore fit without excessive force, and come in many sizes both round and square in small quantities or bulk count bags fitting .17- to 12-gauge barrels.

The Competition Pistol Kit is $30.89, and comes with patches and a small bottle of cleaner/lube. Also available for .22 handguns, and offered with a coated rod, too.

Pro-Shot Products
(217) 824-9133

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