Powder River Precision XD Parts and 10-22 Kit


The Springfield Armory XD pistol is a great piece of engineering but like most polymer pistols, often suffers from a slightly spongy trigger release. It works great, is reliable and fine for most duty, sport or self-defense use but if you’re seeking a crisper trigger, Powder River Precision comes to the rescue! Dan Batchelor’s family-owned company offers after-market action kits to turn your daily shooter into something really special.

Pictured is the High Performance Striker, Stainless Steel Pin Set, Titanium Striker Status Indicator Kit and the XD/XDm Striker Safety Lever Kit. All should be installed by a competent pistolsmith. The sample gun I looked at had a crisp, positive, almost 1911-like trigger!

The company also offers a “Drop-In” 10-22 trigger group kit. Amazingly, the auto-release bolt lock and the ejector in the unit have spare extractors incorporated into each part! Use one to upgrade your stock gun and keep the other as a spare. Once installed in my 10-22, it delivered a short, light, smooth trigger break measuring right at 2.25 lbs. with an electronic Wheeler gauge. An easy way to make a good gun great!


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