Plano’s All Weather Gun-Case Series Gets New Look


Plano gun case

Back in the days when I was senior editor of a now-defunct outdoors publication, one brand name seemingly synonymous with hunting and fishing was Plano, and I’ve had the chance to sample their gear on several occasions.

I’ve never been disappointed by the functionality of Plano equipment, whether it was a tackle box or gun case. So, when I spotted a product announcement regarding the All Weather series of gun cases, it got my attention.

Some people may consider gun cases about as interesting as flat soda pop, but Plano says its All Weather long-gun cases now have “an upgraded look and improved functionality.” This takes on plenty of importance when the weather turns lousy and you’re traveling through country where what substitutes for a road becomes a nightmare.

According to Plano, All Weather cases are available in three sizes — 36, 42 and 52 inches — so there is a case likely to accommodate any long gun in your cabinet or safe. They feature “industrial-strength” construction, which typically translates to tough-as-nails. They have a continuous Dri-Loc seal to keep the water and/or dust out, depending upon the terrain and conditions, and inside “pluck-to-fit” foam allows the case to be customized to fit an individual firearm.

All Weather cases are equipped with heavy-duty dual-stage latches that can be locked, and they also boast molded padlock gates and built-in pressure-release valves. You can absolutely fly with firearms locked safely inside one of these cases, and this is the time of year a lot of long guns show up in airports all over the landscape, so the updated All Weather line announcement was perfectly timed.

Plano gun case open

Plano gun case closed

Out in the Pacific Northwest where I live, we’ve already had a dose of “termination dust,” which means snow to you Flatlanders. Last October, when I rolled to a stop where I planned to set up camp the snow was falling and had piled up several inches deep. It’s just the kind of environment where an All Weather gun case can really strut its stuff.

Padding is critical in any gun case designed for travel, and the foam found inside a Plano model is second to none in my experience. I’ve had some interesting flights over the years when I was worried about my rifle showing up beat to hell. I’ve had friends whose guns arrived with cracked stocks or damaged scopes, and one gets the impression airport baggage handlers take it as a challenge to see how bad they can abuse a cased rifle or shotgun.

My guess is Plano designers have had some of those experiences, which would certainly explain why their equipment is built to rigorous standards.
The 36″ case is actually 37″x14″x5″ on the inside and 38.4″x16.8″x6.4″ on the outside. It has an MSRP of $99.99.

The 42-incher measures 44.4″x14″x5″ outside and 43″x14″x5″ inside, and will accommodate most scoped rifles. This one has an MSRP of $119.99.
The rather robust 52″ model sports wheels for transportation, and it measures 51.5″x14″x5.5″ inside, with an exterior measuring 53.5″x17″x7″. It comes with an MSRP of $169.99.

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