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Corrosion-resistent Rustrictor Pistol cases are among new 2021 offerings from Plano.

While new guns, ammunition and accessories tend to get all the love when announced, a need all gun owners share is safe and secure storage of their firearms. For 2021, Plano has introduced, expanded and improved lines of protective cases for handguns and long guns in price ranges every shooter can afford.

Broken down into three tiers of protection, we’ll take a look at new offerings in Plano’s Field Locker Element, Rustrictor and All Weather 2 series of cases.

From the field to the range, new Plano Field Locker Element cases offer maximum protection.

Field Locker Element Series

New for 2021, the Plano Field Locker Element series of cases raises the bar on firearm protection. Outside, an overmolded, durable exterior shell is complemented by a heavy-duty rubber handle, extra-wide latches, reinforced padlock gates and enclosed easy-glide wheels (on long gun models) to withstand the toughest of travels. Inside, high-density customizable foam fills the bottom and lid while a molded Dri-Loc gasket and integrated pressure release valve provide a watertight, altitude and temperature-equalized seal.

Available for single and multiple handguns and long guns, Field Locker Element cases come in a variety of sizes with prices ranging from $79.99–269.99.

Interior Dimensions (L/W/D)
Medium Pistol Case: 10”/8”/5.75”
Large Pistol Case: 15.5”/8”/5.75”
XL Pistol Case: 17”/12”/7.75”
Tactical Rifle Case: 44”/15”/6.4”
Single Long Gun Case: 50”/10”/5.88”
Double Long Gun Case: 54”/15”/6.4”

New Rustrictor cases are infused with a rust-preventive Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor for moisture protection.

Rustrictor Series

Taken directly from Plano’s tackle boxes, the Rustrictor series of cases not only protect firearms from blunt force damage, but also corrosion caused by moisture — thus, its name. Built with a similar durable exterior shell featuring comfortable rubber red handles and lockable latches, the red color symbolizes the rust-preventive Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) infused into the resin. Paired with vented foam, Plano’s Dri-Loc seal and an equalizing pressure valve, Rustrictor cases are capable of blocking rust and corrosion five times longer than competing products. Meanwhile, pre-perforated pluck bottom foam allows for easy customization of storage and range needs.

Previously available for just long guns, Rustrictor cases are now available for single and multiple handguns with prices ranging from $59.99–99.99. Rustrictor cases are also available for long guns and ammunition.

Interior Dimensions (L/W/D)
Single-Pistol Case: 10″/8″/4.25″
Two-Pistol Case: 14″/10″/5″
Four-Pistol Case: 18″/10″/5″

New Plano AW2 cases have been updated with new styling to fit single and multiple handguns.

All Weather 2 Series

While lacking Rustrictor’s VCI, new All Weather 2 (AW2) models combine updated styling with Plano’s proven impervious Dri-Loc technology to create easy to use, carry and store cases. With rugged, industrial-strength construction, yellow handles and lockable latches, a built-in pressure valve and customizable pluck-to-fit foam, AW2 cases were designed to weather any storm in any temperature at any altitude.

New for 2021, AW2 cases are available for single and multiple handguns with pricing ranging from $39.99–79.99.

Interior Dimensions (L/W/D)
Single-Pistol Case: 10″/8″/4.25″
Two-Pistol Case: 14″/10″/5″
Four-Pistol Case: 18″/10″/5″

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