Plano Rustrictor All-Weather 2 Rifle Case


I’ve been a long-time fan of Plano weapon cases. They offer heavy-duty protection similar to the “big name” cases at a much nicer price. Honestly, I don’t know if I’d shove one out of a helicopter for a Spec Ops mission in Afghanistan, but they’ll otherwise work fine for any normal earth people — or even traveling hunters!

Plano has now come out with the All-Weather 2 series of cases that include Rustrictor technology. By some kind of magic, the foam inside the case emits vapors stopping rust and corrosion in its tracks. Testing this magic with a freshly sanded piece of carbon steel, we’ve noticed no corrosion during the humid Midwestern summer. With airline-approved watertight security, they’re also a bit lighter than the “Tactical” series so they’re easier to move around. The AW2 52″ is now my go-to long-range rifle case.
MSRP: 52″ is $199.99

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