PepperBall Compact


Spray OC or “Pepper” spray has its place for sure, especially in a bigger delivery container than your typical purse-sized sprays. You’ve likely seen the YouTube vids of a can of “bear spray” bellowing out clouds of OC as hikers flee in the other direction. Great, but for pocket carry, I’ve found the small sprays often just don’t deliver the goods far enough.

Pepperball’s very nifty new “Compact” model delivers an OC “pepperball” up to about 30 feet, or three times the distance a typical spray can manage. Common nitrogen gas is the propellant, and while the Compact is a one-shooter, you can get reload kits of two propellant charges and two balls if you ever deploy it. When fired, a pepperball strikes a target, rupturing, and means a face-full of OC on a bad guy. Take that, you creep! At about $25 it’s cheap insurance.

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