Patriot-Pin Offers Clever And Compliant AR Reloading


Patriot Pin

Owners of modern sporting rifles (MSR), especially in California where laws have become increasingly more strict, have been scrambling to comply with new requirements and retain the ability to hunt, shoot recreationally and compete.

A new product called the Patriot Pin looks to make this possible for an AR shooter. The product allows the user to press a lever that mounts on the right side of the receiver to release the takedown pin, allowing the upper to pivot upward to release a “fixed” magazine. The magazine is held in place by the AR MagLock, which is a magazine locking device sold separately. The Patriot-Pin website features a fascinating video showing this product in action you’ve got to see to fully appreciate how quickly it works.

One editor of a popular firearms periodical has called the Patriot Pin “devilishly clever,” and a look at this device in action certainly seems to bear that out.

Priced at $89.99, the Patriot Pin is made from Delrin, a remarkably tough copolymer that self-lubricates. This stuff is stronger than aluminum and protects an AR’s upper and lower from metal-on-metal wear, according to the Patriot Pin website. It’s coupled with a hard anodized bracket and arm made from CNC billet aluminum — so this little device to keep an AR rifle legal under California and similar laws should last for a very long time.

Best of all, this unit is engineered and manufactured in the USA, and it doesn’t require a gunsmith for installation. This is definitely a do-it-yourself project that doesn’t require any permanent modification of a firearm. The product, says Patriot-Pin, bolts on.

Patriot Pin

Once this device is in place, the takedown lever is engaged with the press of a thumb. The arm pivots inward popping out the Delrin takedown pin.

The unit is lightweight, so one needn’t worry about encumbering their MSR with a bunch of heavy junk. And if an AR owner moves out of California, they can remove the device and return the rifle to its original stock condition.

Patriot-Pin is a small California company that has looked at what many shooters consider a problem and provided a solution.

Of particular interest to me is how the company’s website stresses compliance with the law. Right up front, this outfit advocates shooters “Get Compliant!” Install the AR MagLock, which the company says makes an AR compliant under the new fixed magazine law, mount the Patriot-Pin, and — in the Golden State — you’re in business.

There’s also a note advising gun owners that, while the product “falls within the laws as written” it hasn’t been officially approved. It’s the gun owner’s responsibility, they suggest, “to know the current firearm laws and regulations in their state, county, city and municipality.”

We spoke to one of the key people involved in the development of this clever device who tipped us they’re looking at possible models for the AR-10 platform, and one for left-hand platforms.

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