Pachmayr Pair

Grippy Grips, Eyecatching Speedloader


When I was younger I spent many a happy hour at Pachmayr Gun Works on South Grand in Los Angeles. It’s a long-gone memory, but Pachmayr is still a revered name in shooting accessories, which are now being distributed through Lyman Products.

Recently, they’ve come up with two items that excited my interest as a fan of S&W J-Frames. First off are their G10 Tactical Revolver Grips. The term “G10” refers to the material they’re made from — a fiberglass-based epoxy resin laminate. The grips are rugged, solid and practically indestructible and furnish a great gripping surface.

We stuck them on a 3″ Model 60 and the gray/black checkering pattern really complemented the matte-stainless “semi-snubbie.” Although they’re not the final word in concealability (you’ll need abbreviated “2-finger” stocks for that), they proved exceptionally comfortable with +P .38 Specials. Plus, they’re cut back and thinned out enough on top to allow for easy speedloader clearance.

Speaking of which, the second Pachmayr item is their Competition Aluminum Speedloader. It’s polygonally shaped and CNC machined from solid aluminum. It’s a very eyecatching bright blue and can be had for revolvers of all sizes and cylinder capacities. Naturally, I chose the 5-shot J-Frame version. The polygonal shape not only separates it visually from the competition, it makes grip clearance a bit more of a sure thing.

Bright blue aluminum and a twist to the left.

The speedloader features an O-ring that keeps the cartridges straight — eliminating wiggle — making it easier to line up the 5-round payload with the charge holes. The release knob is large and aggressively textured, which rates as a good thing. In addition it turns to the left, unlike the “right-hand twist” of the competition.

But there’s a downside. I don’t know if it’s a byproduct of the O-ring (which does such a good job of holding the cartridges secure) or the fact there’s simply less room to get decent turn leverage with a J-Frame loader, but the twist-release operation took considerable effort. This is something I feel should be remedied by a bit of factory tweaking. I think it’d be worth it. This is a very cool item. Prices? The MSRP on the J-Frame G10 Tactical Revolver Grips is $69.98. The Competition Aluminum Speedloader is $19.95.

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