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Pick your century! Otis products cleans ’em all, and does so quickly and easily.

I’ve been using the Otis suite of AR cleaning chemicals for about a year now, widening their use beyond the AR to other tasks, on all of which it performed admirably. These new bio-based chemicals are the cat’s meow for cleaning guns these days. I still usually wear nitrile gloves, just because chemicals are chemicals and we weren’t really designed for sustained immersion in them. When the gloves aren’t in inventory because Dummy forgot to buy them, Otis has a nifty needle applicator to wet the patch and keep most of the glurp off your fingers and on your gun exactly where you want it.

The MSR/AR Cleaner is a 1-stop product doing everything well. The directions are clear and easy to follow. The Bravo AR I had been shooting for a variety of tests was easily kept up to snuff. It’s also my “house AR,” and I was glad to see the dry lube allowed me to take the gun to the range and commence shooting after only the most cursory of preparation.

The bolt recesses are easy to clean with the Star Chamber Tool. A carbon scraper removes the heaviest fouling, and felt pads wipe up the mess. I haven’t shot the rifle enough to need to scrape carbon, and the included felt pads so far are all I’ve needed. Speaking of carbon, Otis has the B.O.N.E. tool to scrape carbon from the bolt, firing pin and carrier. If you use the MSR/AR during short enough intervals (I rarely go beyond 300 rounds before cleaning) you may not need to scrape, but if you bought an ill maintained, used AR, or are a high-volume shooter, the tool will make your cleaning chores faster.

Speaking of casual cleaning, the 085 CLP or Bio CLP will do a great job in conjunction with an Otis pull through and casual toothbrush/patch wipe down and storage. The technique works great when you are working up loads or shooting the same gun between detail cleanings.

Not surprisingly, the bio-based Complete Cleaner does a bang up job on all guns, (even black powder) and helps remove lead, copper, and carbon. The dry lube will keep a house AR ready to go, and the spray lube is good to have to slick up guns during long shooting sessions, or before going to the range after it’s been in long-term storage.

Spray Firearm Protectant ensures guns put away for long-term storage don’t have little gremlins going to work on the finish while you sleep.

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