Old Trapper Beef Jerky

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Okay, this isn’t a gun, firearm accessory or ammunition, so why are we reviewing it? What’s next for GUNS — “Home on the Range: Recipes for Shooters”? Nope.

Old Settler must have heard through the grapevine of my great, abiding and almost unnatural love of jerky. In fact, I might even be called a jerky expert if anyone is in dire need of a court-appointed dried meat expert. My fees are cheap and payable in biltong.

Anyway, I was thrilled to sink my canines into a batch of family-owned Old Trapper. The flavor is fantastic — salty, savory and delicious — and I really liked the texture. It “fought back” just enough to give you the feeling of eating something substantial, yet wasn’t over-tenderized or too tough. The meat cuts used are also first-rate as there was minimal leftover connective “guck” (a technical jerky term) stuck between my teeth. Winner!

MSRP: $18

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