New Products July 2020 Issue

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LAR-15M CAR A4 .350 Legend

Rock River Arms

Rock River Arms recently introduced a new .350 Legend carbine. The LAR-15M CAR A4 350 Legend is a modern hunting firearm with minimal recoil and dominant short- to mid-range capabilities. It features a 16″ chrome moly (also offered in stainless steel), cryo-treated barrel with a 1:16 twist, a military style brake, two-stage trigger and winter trigger guard. Lower Receiver is Forged RRA LAR-15M Multi-Caliber; Upper Receiver is Forged A4. A hard plastic 10-round magazine comes with the rifle. For more info: (309) 792-5780,

Umarex Fusion 2


The Umarex Fusion 2 is a CO2-powered bolt-action air rifle that can silently send nine rounds. Umarex has carried over the best aspects of the original rifle and added to it a re-designed SilencAir muzzle device, a 9-shot rotary magazine, a flexible CO2 power system and an all-new stock design. The first thing shooters will notice about the Umarex Fusion 2 is how quiet it is. The impact of the pellet on the target is louder than the muzzle report. For more info: (479) 646-4210,


Model 12 Pump BB Gun

Winchester Air Rifles

The Winchester Air Rifles Model 12 Pump BB Gun makes an ideal first gun for any youth. Made to resemble Winchester’s classic shotgun, the Model 12 Pump BB Gun allows mentors to teach gun safety and marksmanship skills with a BB gun that looks just like Dad’s. Designed and sized for today’s youth, the Model 12 Pump BB Gun has an OAL of 34.35″ and comes with a 12-round spring-loaded magazine and a 250+ BB reservoir. It shoots a single BB with each pump of the gun. For more info: (479) 636-1200,

Aluminum Slip-Joint Folders

Bear & Son Cutlery

The Aluminum Slip-Joint Folders from Bear & Son Cutlery are lightweight slip-joint pocketknives. They have aluminum handles that conveniently fit in pockets or purses and can even hang on key chains. Offered with 1.5" or 2.375" blades, the pocketknives include a taper-ground drop-point blade made from high-carbon stainless steel. Handles are made of aluminum. OAL of the folders is 4.25" or 6.5". For more info: (256) 435-2227,

ACE Clyde — Brass

GiantMouse Knives

The Clyde is a mix of Scandinavian, Japanese and Persian influences. GiantMouse introduced it as an EDC knife but is now offered as the ACE Clyde — Brass. The knife comes with a slim, pointy and slightly upswept 3″ blade made of M390 steel with a stonewash finish. But it’s the brass handle that steals the show. Brass takes on a beautiful patina over time, with each knife developing its own unique look. So the more it’s used, the better it looks. The ACE Clyde — Brass has an OAL of 6.97″ and features bronze washers in its pivot mechanism. For more info:


Earth Skills Knife

TOPS Knives

Knife designer Matt Graham is often far from modern comforts and so prefers thinner, lighter tools because they are easier to carry over long distances. He came up with the Earth Skills Knife, a short machete with a bit of a barong feel to it. OAL is 14.25″; weight is 11.9 oz. The blade is made of 1095 stainless steel (RC 56-58) with Tan Canvas Micarta handles and a deep-carry old-school leather sheath. For more info: (208) 542-2945.

F1 Rangefinder

Sector Optics

Sector Optics has introduced its first stand-alone laser rangefinder: the F1 Rangefinder. Looking like a small flashlight, the F1 transforms any riflescope into a laser rangefinding riflescope. The easy-to-read display gives both linear range, as well as horizontal equivalent distances well over 1,000 yards. The F1 Rangefinder is lightweight so it does not add unnecessary weight or bulk to a riflescope, nor does it unbalance the rifle. The entire unit is powered by a single CR123 battery. For more info: (858) 755-4549.

OT2 Holster

N8 Tactical Holsters

N8 Tactical is offering the OT2 Holster for the FN 503 9mm single-stack pistol. Made of leather, the OT2 comes with a 3-layer backer providing full coverage of the firearm to maximize concealed carry comfort and eliminate pressure points. The holster features a moisture-proof neoprene core between the leather backer and the soft suede backing that goes against the body. This protects the firearm from sweat and body oils while offering a compression cushion. For more info: (888) 732-5011.



The ShotBlock is a new gun accessory that stops a gun from being loaded and provides anti-corrosion benefits to your weapon while in storage. It thus aims to avoid the accidental discharge of a firearm. It ensures a bullet cannot be loaded into full breech. An easy-to-use indicator that slides into the barrel of the firearm, the ShotBlock allows a manufacturer to ship a firearm to a retailer protected from loading a live round yet offers a customer the chance to safely hold and manipulate a firearm. For more info:

Clip “RFT” Gen II Holster

Remora Holsters

Remora’s Clip “RFT” Gen II Holster is ambidextrous and with a stationary metal clip for comfort and versatility. Its unique design allows users to safely, smoothly and securely reholster one-handed — draw after draw. The holster features a lightweight and pliable outer skin. For more info: (239) 316-7770.

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