GUNS Magazine January
2020 Issue



Nelson Holsters

The Guardian features a metal reinforced mouth, adjustable retention and a low cut front. Offered with black or white thread, this OWB holster hides reasonably well with an untucked shirttail. The Guardian is a complicated holster to build and uses a lot of leather. Made of 100 percent Wicket & Craig leather, it’s handmade in the U.S.A. like all other Nelson holsters. For more info: (828) 729-3415.

King Cobra Target Revolver

Colt’s Mfg. Co. LLC

Colt has added to its line of “snake guns” with the release of the King Cobra Target Revolver. Forged from American stainless steel, the 6-round capacity, double-action revolver features a 4″ barrel, adjustable rear sight, elevated fiber optic front sight and custom wood medallion grips. It is the third model in the modern King Cobra series and was developed to bring the .357 magnum King Cobra to a competitive range. Colt reintroduced the King Cobra .357 in January 2019, followed by the King Cobra Carry in May 2019. Colt’s snake guns continue to be popular for defense, target shooting and with collectors. For more info: (800) 962-2658.

G3 Polymer 9mm Pistol

Taurus USA

Taurus has released their first full-size G-series pistol: the G3 Polymer 9mm Pistol. The semi-auto represents the next generation in the Taurus G-series polymer-frame handguns and is the 4″-barrel version of the G2c, among Taurus’ most popular EDC guns. The G3 has the polymer-frame of the G2c but in a full-frame configuration. Features include generous stippling patches across the grip, an ergonomic palm swell, side-frame memory pads, an integrated Picatinny rail on the frame and a manual safety and slide release lever above the thumb. For more info: (305) 624-1115.

Street Scalpel 2.0

TOPS Knives

The Street Scalpel is a favorite of LEOs, active duty military and everyday citizens. The Street Scalpel 2.0 has the features of the original, with some changes. Weighing 3.1 oz, the 2.0 is slightly lighter. Its 1095 RC 56-58 blade steel, thinned to 3/16″, makes the 2.0 a better slicer but strong enough for tough jobs. Its black canvas Micarta handle has been redesigned to offer a finger guard and the new black Kydex sheath with Beta loops allows multiple carry options. For more info: (208) 542-0113.

RRAGE 3G Rifle

Rock River Arms

The RRAGE 3G Rifle brings together Rock River Arms’ RRAGE 5.56 NATO carbine and its 15″ lightweight, aluminum free-float handguard that extends across the rifle’s 16″ chrome moly HBAR barrel. M-LOK compatible, the handguard provides custom accessorizing and blends smoothly with RRA’s proprietary aluminum flat-top upper. Weighing 6.5 lbs., the RRAGE 3G is designed to perform at peak proficiency for long- and short-distances. It is also affordably priced for shooters just entering 3-gun competitive shooting. For more info: (309) 792-5780.

Self-Defense Armed-Threat

Tactical Target Systems

Tactical Target Systems’ Self-Defense Armed-Threat is different from traditional targets. The new design shows an anatomically accurate, smaller-statured male with true-to-size organs and vital areas. A three-level scoring system makes it quick and easy to evaluate neutralizing shots on a realistic threat. Used by federal, state and local law agencies, the 19″x25″ target ships unfolded in a reusable box in quantities of 25 and comes with a free cardboard clay pigeon target. For more info: (913) 333-8619.

N1 Micro-Compact 9mm Pistol

Naroh Arms

The N1 Micro-Compact 9mm Pistol is the first firearm designed and produced by Naroh Arms, known for their skeletonized billet AR grips and rifle accessories. Features include a DAO hammer-fired operating system and aluminum internal frame offering the rigidity of a metal gun with the interface of a polymer pistol. The 6.1″-long N1 weighs 16 oz. empty and just over 19 oz. loaded. It comes with a 7-round magazine with flush fit and extended base pads. The pistol ships with white 3-dot polymer sights and is compatible with all aftermarket G43/42 sight options. For more info: (321) 806-4875.

Red Ryder Model 1938

Daisy Outdoor Products

The Red Ryder Model 1938, a popular air rifle introduced in 1940 by Daisy Outdoor Products, marks its 80th anniversary in 2020. To celebrate, Daisy will put out a special edition with engraving on the forearm and a commemorative medallion in the stock. It will still have the wood stock and forearm, sturdy lever action, saddle ring and real leather thong that made it much sought after in the past. The Daisy Model 1938 Red Ryder has remained mostly unchanged all these years except for some cosmetic changes, internal improvements and other enhancements. For more info: (479) 636-1200.

7.65 French Long

Starline Brass

Starline Brass has added the 7.65 French Long to its line of high-quality brass. It was originally developed in the U.S. as the .30 Pedersen for use in the Pedersen Device, a conversion for the 1903 Springfield to turn it into a blowback-operated semi-auto rifle with a higher capacity magazine. The 1935A and 1935S pistols, along with the MAS Model 38 submachine gun were chambered for the .30 Pedersen, now the 7.65 Long. This .30 caliber cartridge is more powerful than the .32 ACP and capable of firing projectiles as heavy as 100 grains. For more info: (800) 280-6660,.

CZ 75 SP01 Executive Series

Guncrafter Industries

Guncrafter Industries takes the CZ 75 SP01 Executive Series of pistols to the next level by adding distinct upgrades and finishes. The pistols now have Hot Salt Blue slides with polished flats, a flush cut and crowned barrel and the company’s Slim-Tac G10 Grips. The barrel and small parts are also DLC-coated. Clear Cerakote has been applied to the color case hardened frame sporting an engraved Guncrafter Industries logo. For more info: (224) 321-5044.

Tac-Mat Long-Range Shooting Mat

Lyman Products Corp.

Lyman’s Tac-Mat Long-Range Shooting Mat is ideal for long-range, target or tactical shooting, and varmint hunting. It works well even for tall shooters, yet rolls up to a compact, easy-to-transport size. The Long-Range Shooting Mat comes in two versions: a basic design with a 600D construction in black or FDE; or a heavy-duty (HD) version with 1000D construction in black. These comfortable 2-lb. mats will protect you from dirt, rocks, wet surfaces, insects, hot truck beds, gravel or pavement. For more info: (800) 225-9629.

Padded Cobra Sling


The Padded Cobra Sling from Versacarry is a comfortable and functional way to carry a rifle during a hunt. It is handsomely designed too. The sling offers premium support and is made of double-ply water buffalo leather with a padded backing. It gives the user shoulder support and stays in place when you’re walking and climbing. For more info: (979) 778-2000.

Double-Threat Dove Choke Tube


The Double-Threat Dove Choke Tube from TRUGLO is designed for dove hunting. The dual-position choke tube allows hunters to choose between Decoy and Pass settings. The former is optimized for close-range shooting with more patterns while the latter is for longer-range shooting with tighter patterns. A twist-and-click changes the setting without tools. The Double-Threat is designed for common lead dove loads ranging from #6 to #8 shot.

Purses For Concealed Carry

Tactica Defense Fashion

With Tactica Defense Fashion’s Purses for Concealed Carry, you don’t have to sacrifice style or comfort for protection. Designed with your safety in mind, the purses come with a separately concealed compartment at the back — just for your firearm. Two zipper-openings allow you to draw from either side and still keep your firearm concealed. Designed to meet different users’ needs, the purses come in a variety of styles, colors and sizes. For more info: (208) 618-4101.

NoizeBarrier Micro Earplugs

OTTO Engineering

The NoizeBarrier Micro Earplugs from OTTO Engineering provide natural and enhanced hearing on the range and in the field. The electronic earplugs provide up to 40 dB of noise protection and feature a one-touch enhanced mode, amplifying soft sounds by 5X for improved situational awareness. NoizeBarrier Micros last for 16 hours of continuous use and are rechargeable up to 20 cycles with the provided charging station on a single charge. For more info: (847)-428-7171

Bear Edge 61128

Bear & Son Cutlery

Bear Edge Knives, a Bear & Son Cutlery brand, introduces the Bear Edge 61128. With the blade and handle both made of stainless steel, the 6.5″-long pocketknife can do most arduous tasks. It measures 3.75″ closed and weighs only 3 oz. Ball bearing washers in the blade pivot make deployment easy with a push of ambidextrous thumb studs. A clip secures the knife in your pocket; a lanyard hole gives additional carry options. For more info: (800) 844-3034.

X5 Buckle & Tan Tactical Gun Belt

Kore Essentials

Like other Kore Essentials gun belts, the X5 Buckle & Tan Tactical Gun Belt has no holes and no Velcro. Instead it uses a hidden track system with 40-plus micro-size positions to choose from. This gives the belt a ziptie-like fit keeping both holster and firearm secure. The newest version of the tactical belt has a reinforced power-core center for added strength and rigidity but remains flexible and comfortable. For more info: (619) 303-9663,

108 Compadre Froe

Buck Knives

The 108 Compadre Chopping Froe from Buck Knives is a multi-purpose woodworking tool for outdoor activities. Made of 5160 steel, the 9.5″ blade is ideal for clearing brush, heavy chopping, splitting and batoning. Weighing under 2 lbs. and with an overall length of 16 3/4″, the Compadre Chopping Froe is the right size for all outdoor tasks. It comes with a genuine leather sheath. For more info: (208) 262-0500.

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