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Smith & Wesson

Next-gen EZ technology, low recoil impulse and versatile magazine capacity make Smith & Wesson’s EQUALIZER an ultimate CCW. This micro-compact 9mm pistol with a 3.675″ barrel offers balance of power and capacity across 10-, 13- and 15-round magazines. It features a single-action trigger for a short take-up, clean break and fast reset for quicker follow-up shots. MSRP: $599. For more info:
(800) 331-0852,

Modern Hunting Rifle (MHR)

Christensen Arms

Christensen Arms announces the launch of their Modern Hunting Rifle (MHR) with Flash Forged Technology (FFT). The MHR was created to meet the requirements of every shooting situation. Built on an aluminum mini chassis with V-block bedding, the MHR offers the accuracy of a chassis rifle and the ergonomics of a hunting rifle. MSRP: Starting at $3,499.99. For more info: (435) 633-4667,


Syclone Jr.

Streamlight Inc.

Streamlight’s Syclone Jr. is a compact, rechargeable work light that fits in tight spaces for identification and repair uses. Hands-free or hanging, the body of the light can rotate 360 degrees in its U-shaped magnetic base and can be easily adjusted with one hand. It weighs just 2 oz. and delivers up to 210 lumens of light and 8.5 hours of run time. MSRP: About $65. For more info: (800) 523-7488,

Ruger Revolver Sights

D&L Sports

Ruger revolvers are a favorite for people who spend time in bear country, but adjustable sights have always been sharp and frail. D&L Sports’ heavy duty Ruger Revolver Sights are direct replacements. They are machined from steel bars for ultra durability. D&L Sports is also capable of accepting night inserts to make the ultimate bear country camp revolver. MSRP: $95. For more info: (928) 636-1726,


T6Xi Series of Tactical Riflescopes


The Steiner T6Xi Series of Tactical Riflescopes is built on CNC-machined extruded aluminum housings and is fog proof and waterproof. There are four models: T6Xi 5-30×56 for long-range and precision shooting, T6Xi 3-18×56 and T6Xi 2.5-15×50 for near- to extended-range performance and T6Xi 1-6×24 for close-quarter to mid-range engagements. MSRP: From $1,954.99. For more info: (888) 550-6255,

Wax Stick

Nose Jammer

Nose Jammer’s Wax Stick will jam any critter you’re after. They won’t even sense you’re coming. Rub it on your boots, stands, blinds or decoys. Nose Jammer products are designed to overwhelm the sense of smell of big game animals and predators such as elk, whitetail, pronghorn, hogs and coyotes so hunters could hunt without being detected. MSRP: $12.99. For more info:
(507) 452-9202,


Red Dot Holsters

Craft Holsters

Red Dot Holsters from Craft Holsters are custom fitted to match the exact specs of a customer’s pistol and red dot sight. They fit most popular red-dot ready pistols such as the SIG SAUER P365 XL, Springfield Hellcat OSP, SIG P320-M17, or GLOCK 43x MOS. MSRP: Custom shop holsters start at $399. For more info: (855) 844-5400,

Dark Timber

ALPS OutdoorZ

The ALPS OutdoorZ Dark Timber is an all-day hunting pack. It has a 37-liter capacity distributed between a large main compartment and two exterior compartments. This makes it easy to organize your supplies according to size and access need. Hydration compatible, the Dark Timber pack includes water bottle pockets and cinch straps. MSRP: $89.99. For more info: (800) 344-2577,


Two-Man Tree Stand Replacement Seat


ThermaSeat’s Two-Man Tree Stand Replacement Seat now features a folded design to make carrying and installation easier. Offered in two thicknesses, the seats are constructed of Softek closed-cell foam to repel water and provide freeze-proof protection. MSRP: $29.25 for the ¾” seat and $45.90 for the 1.5″. For more info: (603) 784-5671,

Great 8

Antler King

Antler King’s Great 8 fall annual food plot blend is formulated with eight plant varieties maturing at different times. Winter peas and buckwheat will bring in deer in the early season, while radishes, turnips and forage rape will attract them during the rut. The blend provides protein and energy to keep deer herds healthy in winter and make their antlers grow in spring. MSRP: $24.99 for an 8-lb. bag; $89.99 for a 40-lb. bag. For more info:


AR Takedown Tool


The AR-Takedown Tool — no larger than a writing pen — is a disassembly/reassembly AR-platform tool. This single tool removes and assembles takedown pins, trigger pins, détente pins, pressure pins, pivot pins, cotter pins and more. In less than 20 seconds, an entire AR platform can be assembled or disassembled. MSRP: $39.99. For more info: (775) 751-4441,

.358 Rifle and Pistol Bullets

Northern Precision

Northern Precision is producing a new line of .358 caliber bullets designed for single-shot handguns as well as rifles. The .358 Rifle and Pistol Bullets include both light and heavy weight extremes, custom weights, bonded-core thick jacketed bullets for big game, a “Poly-Ban” plastic tip version and a “Base Guard” plinker. MSRP: $25 for 50 “Base Guard” plinkers; $35 for 25 Bonded Core bullets. For more info: (315) 955-8679,


Recon Kit Bag

Hill People

The Recon Kit Bag from Hill People is made of 500d Cordura. A PALS grid on the front allows attachment of compatible pouches. It has a quick-access pistol compartment with Velcro loop and dummy cord loop for various retention options. A mesh-back H-harness enables the Kit Bag to be worn by itself or underneath a pack. MSRP: $110. For more info: (889) 464-1875,

Double Scoped Rifle Case

MTM Case-Gard

The Double Scoped Rifle Case from MTM Case-Gard is sized to hold two scoped rifles or any combination of long arms up to 50.5″ long. Molded of high-impact plastic and featuring thick egg-crate-style foam for maximum firearm protection during harsh transport conditions, the Double Scoped Rifle Case boasts a structured clamshell design for enhanced rigidity. MSRP: $67.65. For more info: (937) 890-7461,

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