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The Bulletsmiths Strike Again
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It is widely known Sierra makes some of the best bullets for handloaders anywhere on the landscape. After all, they’ve been doing it for over 70 years.

I’ve used Sierra handgun projectiles in my .357 Magnum and .41 Magnum loads with good results, and I’ve also been satisfied with the downrange performance of Sierra GameKing bullets. They’re so good, I know guys who use them exclusively.

That said, when Sierra announced its new ammunition offerings for 2020, it got my attention. You see, it is my belief any bullet company turning out its own ammo is going to take great care to make sure each cartridge works as promised.


Polymer Venture

Possibly the acid test of this theory is the joint venture by Sierra and True Velocity to introduce “the first-ever competition-grade line of composite-cased ammunition.” Did you get all of that?

Working close with the U.S. military, True Velocity has developed a composite-cased cartridge case that is 30% lighter than brass, reduces heat transfer, increases accuracy and can be recycled. Initially focused on military and law enforcement markets, Sierra saw an opportunity to bring the ammo technology to the consumer market.

Combining True Velocity’s composite case body, featuring a precision-formed primer pocket and “burr-free” flash hole in a steel alloy head, with Sierra’s MatchKing and Tipped MatchKing bullets, the ammo is said to be “capable of sub-MOA accuracy at extended ranges and single-digit standard deviation in muzzle velocity.” Sounds like a perfect fit to me!

Shooters can look for .308 Winchester with 168- or 175-gr. MatchKing and Tipped MatchKing projectiles and 6.5 Creedmoor topped with a 142-gr. MatchKing on shelves this year with more cartridges to follow. And if True Velocity’s professional offerings — ranging from 5.56 NATO to .50 BMG — are any indication, anything is possible.

Hunters Rejoice

With a long “Tradition of Precision,” there’s no doubt Sierra engineers and ballisticians know a little something about ballistics, let alone accuracy, which brings us around to a couple of other new offerings.


For predator and varmint hunters, Sierra has unveiled Prairie Enemy — a cartridge family of four calibers and five bullet weights, all loaded with Sierra BlitzKing bullets. Strong medicine for prairie dogs, ground squirrels, rockchucks and coyotes, they don’t call it the “BlitzKing” for laughs. This pill pulverizes whatever it hits.

A cartridge I once predicted would become the varmint cartridge of the 21st century, a .204 Ruger load is topped with a 36-gr. bullet that leaves the muzzle at a reported 3,840 fps. Then there’s a pair of .223 Remington options, one with a 55-gr. bullet at 3,215 fps and the other with 69-grainer warping at 2,950 fps, and a 69-gr. .224 Valkyrie moving at 3,125 fps. Lastly, they loaded a .243 Winchester with a 70-gr. bullet that clocks in at 3,450 fps.

Next, also new for 2020 are two new cartridges to Sierra’s GameChanger series, popular for delivering unparalleled accuracy and bone-punching terminal performance. Both featuring Tipped GameKing bullets, they’ve added a 64-gr. .223 Remington shooting 3,015 fps and a 125-gr. .300 Blackout pushing 2,115 fps.

Add a handful of other new projectiles for hunting varmint and big game and it’s clear Sierra is determined to put the hurt anything that moves this year. And for people shooting at stationary targets, Sierra and True Velocity have that one cornered as well.

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