MTR DC IWB OWB is Code for Two Holsters in One


“MTR DC IWB OWB” is code for MTR Custom Leather’s Dual Carry Inside the Waistband Outside the Waistband holster. Or, it could mean something to the effect of ‘Buy one holster and you actually get two.’ Or, ‘This is a really good idea.’ At the very least, it’s two holsters in one.

With the steel clips on, it’s an inside the waistband holster. Tuckable, too. Take the clips off and it’s an outside the waistband holster with 1-3/4” slots for a one-layer gun belt. Note: If you wear a two-layer gun belt, you’ll only get a 1-1/2” belt through. That’s because this holster is from bull hide — a stiff and durable leather. Custom-molded at the shop to whatever gun you’re carrying — this one has an Honor Defense Honor Guard on board — the holster is reinforced at the mouth, enabling one-handed reholstering.

Steel clips attached for IWB carry…

Worn IWB, it’s stiff at first but breaks in over a couple days’ time. But, like most IWB holsters, it hides the gun very well. I don’t tuck in holsters even when I can but I do like the fit and feel of this one IWB.

Worn OWB, the stiffness is even more apparent but also breaks in over a couple days’ time. Instantly noticeable: It conceals a gun OWB just about as well as it does IWB.

A near-perfect sweat guard — this one feels good and keeps the slide from digging into my side. Plus it protects the gun.

Other good stuff: A nice sweat guard which keeps the gun’s steel slide from contacting me. Lots of readers comment on how they want a sweat guard on a concealment holster. This one is just right whether IWB or OWB.

Steel clips removed for OWB carry.

Retailing for $74.99, the MTR DC IWB OWB requires no deciphering when worn in or out of your waistband. It’s tough, good-looking and works well in either configuration.

I think this holster is a really good idea. Do you?

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