MTM Tactical Magazine Storage Can

Secure Storage For Mags

MTM Case

MTM Tactical Magazine Cans stack easily; I stack mine up to 4 cans high.

As my collection of handguns grew, keeping up with extra magazines became problematic. I like to keep mags handy and for guns I carry, I like to keep some of those magazines loaded. Leaving magazines in the case with the gun isn’t handy and those cases are all in a closet anyway. Shelf space in the safe is at a premium too. Magazines were everywhere, except where I needed one, when I needed it.

Then I discovered the handy Handgun Magazine Cans made by MTM Case-Gard. They make them for all sorts of magazines: single- and double-stack pistol mags, AR magazines and probably a lot more I don’t know about. My “thing” is primarily handguns and discovering these cases has been a real problem solver for me. When I first saw the MTM cans I bought several and it didn’t take long to fill them up. I organized the double-stacks by caliber and make and model of gun. The interior foam insert has cutouts for 10 magazines per can, making it easy in and easy out. It doesn’t matter if they’re loaded or empty; the mags are ready for immediate deployment when I’m ready to go shooting or just to arm up with a particular gun.

MTM Case

An inside peek of the double-stack Tactical Magazine Can (above). The cans allow you to easily separate your 1911 and double-stack magazines (below).

MTM Case

The MTM magazine cans stack on top of one another, which is really handy. I stack mine four high so they take up very little space in the closet where I keep my ammo. I left the labels on the outside of the cans so I can readily see and grab a 1911 can versus a double stack can. I’ve got a secret for you. Those little magazines that go with my .22 semi-automatics fit just fine in a 1911 Handgun Mag Can.

These cans are sturdy with a strong latch and there are holes beside the latch that allow you to slip on lock if you are worried about pilferage. The cans also have a strong water-resistant O-ring seal to keep the water out should you need to transport one in the rain.

The MTM Case-Gard Handgun Mag Cans run about $15 wherever sporting goods are sold. Pick up one or several — you’ll be glad you did.

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