MTM Cleaning Rod Case Keeps Rods And Accessories Together


mtm cleaning

The MTM Gun Cleaning Rod Case is about the same length as a typical gun case. It can easily fit into the back of a truck or SUV.

All together now: “Where’s my cleaning rod?”

This time of year, this very question is asked in more American households than perhaps even, “Who’s playing this Sunday?”

Keeping track of such a necessary accessory as a cleaning rod for rifles or shotguns can be a pain in the neck. I cannot count the number of aluminum, brass or synthetic rods that have become bent or broken around my house over the years.

You may have set the rod in the corner last Sunday, but this Thursday it has miraculously grown legs or wings and is nowhere to be found. This has also happened to me, and it can be more than just frustrating.

Not anymore. MTM Case-Gard came up with a rugged polypropylene case and after putting one to the test, I’m satisfied they came up with a winner. Featuring 3 latch points and 4 molded hinges, the cleaning rod case keeps your rods organized, prevents them from being damaged and there is room for cleaning round or square patches that are held in place under the rods.

Two strategically placed pieces of foam close tight on the rods to hold them in place when the case is closed. You’ll also find room for jags, slotted tips and brushes or mops. There is no rattling around.

mtm cleaning

Truth in advertising: This is what MTM calls it and that’s what it is.

MTM Cleaning

The case opens to reveal cleaning rods and whatever other accessories you want to include, such as patches, brushes and tips.

mtm cleaning

There are 3 tough snap latches made of the same polypropylene material as the rest of the case.

mtm cleaning

Inside the case you will find 2 foam pads that hold rods securely inside when the lid is closed.

mtm cleaning

Closed, the latches lock up tight.

mtm cleaning

Look at that: Room for rods, handles, mops and tips.

mtm casting

Four tough, molded hinges on each half allow the case to open and close easily.

mtm cleaning

There’s a hanging slot at one end that can also be used with a lock to keep the case closed.

MTM made this case large enough to handle 4 rods measuring up to 47.5 inches in length, and there is a slot at one end that makes it possible to hang the case from a wall. I’ve found another use for it: The hole can be used to insert a padlock to keep this case closed.

The case measures 48.5 inches in length by 6 inches wide and 1.5 inches deep. This product is made right here in the U.S.A.

Best part about it is MTM makes this case in bright red so losing it around the house is going to be pretty near impossible.

The MTM Gun Cleaning Rod Case is designed to close up tight. Cleaning rods stay in one spot where they are handy, and even if this thing happens to fall over, the rods inside will not be damaged.

Once you use this case, you’re liable to get spoiled. The case is very light, even with cleaning rods inside. It isn’t awkward, either, and because it’s tough, you can toss it in the back of the truck or SUV to go along to hunting camp where dirty guns need to be cleaned now, not next week after you get home.

You should be able to buy one of these cases at a local gun store or sporting goods shop, wherever MTM products such as cartridge cases or hard-sided gun cases are available.