MTM Case-Gard
Patch Catcher


The MTM Case-Gard Patch Catcher is one of those, “Why didn’t I think of that?” ideas. When cleaning a rifle, you should always clean from the breech but this results in a filthy, caustic, dripping mess at the muzzle end. More than one of us have ruined the kitchen table when a drop of errant gun solvent somehow found its way under the (insufficient) protection we had laid down.

Years ago I tested a device similar to the Patch Catcher and it took more time and effort to use than actually cleaning the gun. However, once I got my carbon-stained mitts on a Patch Catcher, I realized Case-Gard had actually solved the problem of capturing the cleaning crud without over-engineering a solution. At just under $11 dollars on, this is one piece of simple, problem-solving cleaning kit every shooter really should consider.

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