MTM Case-Gard In-safe Handgun Storage Case

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The new In-Safe Handgun Storage Case is exactly what I needed to organize my gun safe in a way to make room for more while keeping my handguns organized, protected and easy to find. The cases feature a protective base composed of a soft, closed-cell foam pad, an attractive, slimline shape and two snap latches. They are sold as a 3-pack unit and currently available in two sizes: 9″ for standard 1911 and smaller handguns and 12″ for larger handguns.

The cases are transparent to make it easy to see the contents and since they’re stackable, I use Avery file labels on each case for a quick reference to what’s inside. The slimline design uses at least 50 percent less space than traditional handgun cases and the foam pad keeps guns from sliding around in the case. I found the large size easily accommodates my larger handguns or even two smaller ones. MSRP: $16.95 (9″)

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