Meopta MeoPro HD80 Spotting Scope

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I’ve always wanted a “real” spotting scope but there is the tiny matter of disposable income. I’ve got some lunch money hidden in the mattress but spending the equivalent of a decent used car for a scope I won’t use every day seems dumb. At least until I got turned on to the Meopta HD80!

This is a serious, top-of-the-line spotting scope without the “big name” price premium. Meopta is a respected European optics manufacturer quietly gaining a reputation among long-distance shooters for optics that punch far above their price class.

The HD80 has the typical spotting scope features such as 20x-80x zoom but the noteworthy feature is simply the optical quality. The 80mm Fluoride objective lens is impeccably sharp even when dialed up and there are no annoying chromatic aberrations even at top power. You’d be hard-pressed to find a better cost/quality ratio in a spotting scope at any price! Street price: Around $1,200

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