Mantis Laser Academy Training Kit


I’ve made no secret of the fact I love the Mantis X10 Shooting Performance System. Now, the big brains at Mantis have developed a portable laser/mobile device training system you can use in your own gun to dry fire with bullseye targets, silhouettes and even channel your inner Navy SEAL with a mano-a-mano competition setting.

The system is outwardly simple though undoubtedly complex under the hood. The shooter unloads, puts a laser module in his firearm, places one of the special Laser Academy targets on the wall and aims a phone/tablet on the target using the included tripod. The Mantis Laser Academy app then manages your shooting drills with audio prompts, scores your targets and keeps a record for better or worse.

It’s a fantastic system for indoor practice, training and friendly competition. The system isn’t perfect — set-up is a tiny bit fiddly and it eats battery power like a ravenous teenager — but those are minor problems in comparison to the benefits gained, especially at under a Benjamin!
MSRP: $99

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